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When you need a new or replacement furnace muffle, look to Alloy Engineering.   

We manufacture OEM and replacement furnace muffles for every application, regardless of furnace make. We’ll meet your exact specifications, and our rolling, forming and welding techniques ensure you’ll receive the highest quality, most durable continuous furnace muffle available. 

 As a diverse fabricator, we’ve earned a world-class reputation for manufacturing custom, high-temperature furnace muffles that are specifically designed for optimum performance in the most demanding industries, including: 

  • Heat Treating
  • Powdered Metals 
  • Primary metals 
  • Petrochemical  
  • Carbon fiber 
  • Rod, wire and nonferrous mills 
  • OEM product design 
  • General manufacturing Plant engineering, MRO 
  • Pulp and paper 


Our furnace muffles are available in a variety of configurations with an assortment of accessories.  We’re capable of fabricating both corrugated and smooth wall muffles from 5” to 100” belt widths and 16 gauge to 3/4” wall thicknesses, and rebuilds of existing muffles are often recommended as a cost saving alternative.  We can provide a furnace muffle in a variety of application-specific configurations, with accessories designed to meet or exceed your performance requirements, extend component life and minimize costs for: 

  • Gas, electric, and direct-fire atmosphere furnaces 
  • Sintering, annealing, tempering 
  • Brazing, heat treating 
  • Hearth plates


  • Proven record of superior tube life 
  • Welded to ASME/AWS standards 
  • Testing to verify quality when required, including dye-penetrant, pressure testing, x-ray, etc. 
  • Extensive experience in all stainless and high nickel alloys 
  • Our ASME-CE’s will provide recommendations to extend tube life 

Engineering Expertise

Our engineering team analyzes and evaluates the many factors influencing long-term muffle performance in harsh, high-temperature furnace environments. Based on your needs, we’ll determine the optimal muffle, including material selection, muffle profile and corrugation selection.  Whether the material is stainless steel or nickel-alloy steel, titanium, aluminum or special bi-metal composites, we have the specialized equipment and expertise to economically produce the ideal furnace muffle for your application.   

If your furnace muffle needs to be replaced, we’ll fabricate a new one to your exact specifications, or custom design your muffle based on temperature atmosphere and product requirements.  We’ll also perform pre and post weld inspections to ensure your furnace muffle will perform at the highest level possible.  

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

To avoid extended shutdowns due to furnace failures, you’ll want to continuously monitor your current furnace muffle.  If you notice any of the following, contact us immediately to help you address the issue. 

  • High dew point readings can indicate that there’s a hole in the muffle, which can result in lost product. 
  • Rooftop humping or collapsing are telltale signs of an early furnace muffle failure. 
  • Discoloration: You furnace muffle should be glowing red.  If you see discoloring or dark spots, that could be indicative of failure.   

Contact us Today

Contact us today at (440) 243-6800 to see how we can help you with a new or replacement furnace muffle We look forward to hearing from you.  

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