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Industrial retort replacement represents a significant investment. Multiple factors impact industrial retort performance, efficiency and lifespan. Turn to a trusted industry expert with decades of experience such as Alloy Engineering. We have been developing and designing batch and continuous rotary retorts for high-temperature applications since 1995. Our proven design and exacting standards in manufacturing supply industrial retort replacements that meet and exceed expectations for service life, efficiency and performance.

Fabricated retorts, both batch and continuous, first made an appearance in the mid-1990s, welded from wrought nickel alloys to meet exact specifications. An older style, the cast retort, involves pouring molten metal into a mold to ultimately shape a rotary retort.

The purpose of either is to maintain a consistently superior quench required for the swift, economical, uniform heat treating of a wide range of metal parts.

Types of heat treatment can involve annealing, brazing, coating or tempering, among other processes. The industrial retort furnace is designed either as a batch style, heating each part load separately, or a continuous retort handling a flow of similarly sized parts. We also fabricate rotary retorts and PIT retorts. The ultimate goal is a durable, high-performance industrial retort replacement that maximizes production and supplies a long lifespan for a high return on investment.

Alloy Engineering’s fabricated retorts supply a number of advantages for industrial manufacturers including:

  • Flexibility in design
  • Ductile wrought materials resistant to thermal fatigue and dusting
  • Unlike cast retorts, ours may be repaired for reduced lifetime costs
  • Fully welded internal flights
  • Bearing surfaces machined & true
  • High temperature range (1000 to 2200)
  • Long service life (up to and exceeding five years under proper controls, at temperature)
  • Shorter lead times compared to cast retorts
  • Atmosphere pipes available
  • Gas generator retorts
  • Polishing drums and rebuilds

Combatting Thermal Fatigue

Thermal fatigue, shock and stress all are addressed through proper design and engineering of your industrial retort replacement. We fabricate both batch and continuous rotary retorts from wrought nickel and stainless alloys. Wrought material is homogenous with superior integrity over cast materials, which means fewer origination points for thermal stresses, which are often responsible for premature equipment failure. That superior ductility resists thermal fatigue and thermal shock resulting in process uptime at the lowest cost per hour.

We stress quality in each industrial retort replacement fabricated in our facilities, with our continuous retorts featuring a continuous weld from the charge end to the discharge end on both sides of the internal flight.

Design Flexibility

Unlike cast retorts, both our batch and continuous retorts can be custom fabricated using a combination of different nickel alloys. Because no casting patterns are required, our designs address specific application needs to maximize production and retort life.

Industries Served

Our fabricated batch and continuous retorts can replace and improve equipment supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. Industries, manufacturers, processes and types of products best served by our industrial retorts include:

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Aerospace industry
  • Bearings and Fasteners
  • Chains, bars and sprockets
  • Commercial Heat Treating
  • Knives
  • Thermal processing

Product Selection Consultation

Our engineers will work with you to determine the best industrial retort replacement for your application. Contact us to learn more about our fabricated rotary retorts.

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