Industrial Processes

Industrial Processes

Alloy Engineering provides a wide range of alloy fabrications for industrial processes for our customers with both in-house and commercial heat treating shops. From radiant tubes and muffles to retorts and engineered fixtures, we fabricate products to withstand the extreme heat and highly corrosive processes utilized in the following industries: 

  • Automotive (transmissions/engines) 
  • Aerospace and Aircraft (jet engines, landing gear)
  • Chemical processing and specialty chemicals
  • Fastener manufacturers 
  • Bearing manufacturers 
  • Powdered metals industry 
  • Petrochemical (vessels, piping, heat exchangers)
  • Pulp and Paper (tanks, vessels and piping)

Our specialized staff is dedicated to the core products we manufacture; this enables us to better assist in the design process and make expert recommendations, as necessary. Our stainless steel and specialty alloy materials give long life to parts used in extreme environments. We pride ourselves on providing long-lasting, high-quality parts that will help reduce your downtime and lower your maintenance costs, optimizing your process uptime at the lowest cost per hour.
To learn more about how Alloy Engineering provides alloy fabrications for industrial processes, simply fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch with you. Or, you may call us at 440.243.6800.

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