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Alloy Engineering thermally and mechanically designs custom ASME heat exchangers. These include Air Cooled & Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Recuperators and Economizers. We are members of HTRI and utilize HTRI thermal design software, and CodeCalc for mechanical design to ASME Code with S, U and R Stamps.

Engineering Heat Exchanger
Designed ASME Code
Custom Designed Heat Exchangers
ASME Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger Features

  • Shell diameters up to 80” with in-house machining capabilities up to 110” turning
  • High-temperature gas/gas exchangers
  • Bayonet heat exchangers – double tubesheet designs
  • Replacement bundles, channels, shells and tubesheets
  • Nickel brazed finned tubing
  • Refractory lined
  • Clean-room fabrication and welding
  • Solidworks 3D fabrication drawings
  • Ratings up to 1600°F
  • Carbon, stainless, high nickel alloys and reactive metals
  • Explosion clad

Contact us to learn more about heat exchanger engineering and heat exchanger fabrication at Alloy Engineering.

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