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Ammonia Oxidation Catalyst Baskets for Low, Medium and High-Pressure Nitric Acid Production Plants

Alloy Engineering has pioneered the ammonia oxidation catalyst basket design for high-pressure nitric acid production plants since 1975, earning a reputation as North America’s leader for extreme temperature needs.

Catalyst Basket Design
Catalyst Basket
Catalyst Baskets
Catalyst Basket

Catalyst Basket Features

Ammonia oxidation catalyst baskets are exposed to extreme temperature variations that frequently result in material fatigue and failure. Known for our hallmark egg crate grid design for high pressure plant baskets, Alloy Engineering’s catalyst baskets have proven to be robust in severe temperature service to support the precious metal catalyst. Through innovative design and materials-selection expertise, Alloy Engineering catalyst baskets far outlive those of other fabricators to minimize life-cycle costs.

  • Fabricated from heat-resistant materials such as 310, 800AT, 600, 601 and Haynes Alloy 230® in sizes ranging from 1 ft. -20 ft. in diameter
  • Hex-mesh grid support designs offered in single and multiple sections for best performance and ease of installation
  • Haynes Alloy 230® grid material for strength and long life
  • Integral expansion joints provide metal growth in rapid start-ups and shutdowns
  • Segmented weight rings provide an improved seal to prevent ammonia gas bypassing around the gauze
  • Compared to cylindrical baskets, conical baskets are more resistant to deformation over time from the extreme thermal gradients experienced during operation

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