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Ammonia Oxidation Catalyst Baskets for Low, Medium and High-Pressure Nitric Acid Production Plants
Ammonia oxidation catalyst baskets are exposed to extreme temperature variations that frequently result in material fatigue and failure. Known for our hallmark egg crate grid design for high pressure plant baskets, Alloy Engineering’s catalyst baskets have proven to be robust in severe temperature service to support the precious metal catalyst; we have earned a reputation as North America’s leader for ammonia oxidation catalyst baskets for extreme temperature needs. Through innovative design and materials-selection expertise, Alloy Engineering catalyst baskets far outlive those of other fabricators to minimize life-cycle costs.

Alloy Engineering has pioneered the ammonia oxidation catalyst basket design for high- pressure nitric acid production plants since 1975.  During this time, we have manufactured several hundred ammonia oxidation catalyst baskets and containment systems for low, medium and high pressure plant installations all over the world.

Engineering Advantage
Our engineers have carefully analyzed the performance of our catalyst baskets over 10-year periods, and then have fine-tuned features and improved performance. The result is a design that is very robust. We work closely with customers who have special design needs to meet their performance objectives. 

Most recently, Alloy Engineering filed for a patent for a Dual Grid catalyst basket design for the intended use in secondary abatement catalyst application for high pressure plants. 

Design Flexibility

  • While Alloy Engineering offers a wealth of basket designs from which our customers can choose, we also fabricate to OEM design(s).
  • Can fabricate low, medium and high pressure baskets
  • Can do specialty grids—on a per application basis that are not a traditional style basket
  • Can meet many design types based on the products we have available


  • Fabricated from heat-resistant materials such as 310 stainless steel, Alloy 800H and Haynes Alloy 230® in sizes ranging from 1 ft. -20 ft. in diameter
  • Hex-mesh grid support designs offered in single and multiple sections for best performance and ease of installation
  • Truss-alloy grids for improved gauze support
  • Haynes Alloy 230® grid material for strength and long life
  • Integral expansion joints eliminate rigid connections that cause cracking in critical joints or a basket
  • Segmented weight rings provide an improved seal to prevent ammonia gas bypassing around the gauze
  • Conical shells resist thermal gradients
  • Segmented grid assemblies for best performance and ease of installation and removal

To learn more about catalyst baskets from Alloy Engineering, simply fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch. Or, you may call us at 440.243.6800.

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