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Alloy Engineering specializes in the manufacture of OEM and replacement Furnace Muffles for many types of furnaces. Regardless of furnace make, Alloy Engineering can meet your exact specifications. As a diverse fabricator, Alloy Engineering has earned a world-class reputation for manufacturing high-temperature furnace muffles. Our custom designs are each specifically designed for optimum performance and life.

Welding Furnace Muffles
Furnace Muffle Fabrication
Furnace Muffle

Furnace Muffle Features

Muffles are available in a variety of application-specific configurations and an assortment of accessories, designed to meet or exceed performance requirements, extend component life and minimize costs (Gas, electric, and direct-fire atmosphere furnaces, sintering, annealing, tempering, brazing, heat treating, replacement furnace muffles, hearth plates).

  • We engineer both corrugated and smooth wall muffles of the highest quality at a competitive cost
  • We are capable of fabricating muffles from 5” to 100” belt widths and 16 gauge to 3/4” wall thicknesses
  • Experienced in fabricating a wide range of alloys including 309, 310, 330, 333, 600, 601, RA602CA, HR120, HR230 and others
  • Repairs and rebuilds of existing muffles are often recommended as a cost saving alternative

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