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Alloy Engineering has developed and designed batch rotary retorts and continuous rotary retorts for high-temperature applications since 1995. Unlike the OEM cast retorts we replace, our retorts use a proven fabricated design which often provides a longer service life.

Industrial Retort Features

  • Our continuous retorts feature a continuous weld from the charge end to the discharge end on both sides of the internal flight.
  • Rotary retort service life at temperature from 2.5 to over 5 years under proper controls
  • Ductile wrought materials (low carbon content and tight grain structure) result in greater resistance to thermal fatigue
  • Weigh less and heat up faster for shorter cycle times
  • Customers can access a visual inspection video of the continuous weld for their unit
  • Engineered to Application & Furnace
  • Repair & Re-Rounding Services
  • Corrugated Designs
  • Bases Fabricated & Machined
  • Welded to ASME/AWS Procedures
  • Our engineers work with you to determine the best material for your industrial retort replacement to suit your specifications and provide the longest lifespan paired with optimal service

Contact us to learn more about industrial retort engineering and fabrication at Alloy Engineering.

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