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Alloy Engineering has more than 20 years of experience supplying inner covers to companies that operate box annealing furnaces in America and worldwide. With careful thought put into the design of your inner cover, it’s possible to provide resistance to early failures due to excessive cracking, warping, or distortion.

Alloy Engineering Horizontally Corrugated Inner Covers

Operational Reliability

Horizontally corrugated inner covers resist metal fatigue better than other options, including vertically corrugated inner covers, and help you avoid unplanned outages at the plant.

Enhanced Contribution Margin

With routine, planned maintenance, horizontally corrugated inner covers can last up to 20 years – helping you control your variable costs and cover your fixed costs.


Although they outperform other types of inner covers, horizontally corrugated inner covers can actually be less expensive than other options – saving you money up front and throughout the product’s entire lifecycle.

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