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Two acids are commonly used by the ferrous industry to clean their products: hydrochloric acid (HCL) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4). The corrosive effects of these two acids on materials used for pickling equipment are considerably different but both compromise the structural integrity of the equipment. When the need arises for the removal of surface impurities from ferrous materials, count on Alloy Engineering’s design and manufacturing expertise to provide the most efficient and economical hook for handling your rod and wire.

Pickling Hooks
Pickling Hooks
Pickling Hooks
Pickling Hooks

Pickling Hook Features

  • Our engineers use the latest technology in design, material selection and fabrication techniques to build exceptionally durable hooks.
  • Dramatically reduces downtime, lost production and maintenance cost due to the need for frequent and unscheduled replacement of hooks built from inferior material or fabricated using inferior techniques.
  • No charge for periodic inspections and rerating of load capacity
  • Engineering expertise for the selection of optimum materials
  • Proprietary software to custom design each pickling hook based on your required service conditions
  • Repair capabilities

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