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When you want to count on radiant tubes that offer a consistent heat transfer, count on Alloy Engineering. Our fabricated tubes have a low mass that enhances heat transfer for maximum efficiency while reducing energy and operating expenses.

Radiant Tube Materials
Ductile Nickel Low Carbon Alloys
Radiant Tube Facbrication
Planning Radiant Rubes

Radiant Tube Features

  • Made from ductile, high-nickel, low carbon alloys with a controlled, tight grain structure, our radiant heat tubes outperform the tubes they replace to give you a longer life, increased production and reduced maintenance, and energy costs.
  • Alloy Engineering specializes in radiant tubes for all types of furnace equipment.
  • Support all furnace OEM tube designs
  • Thin and lightweight tubes resist sagging and cracking and have a high resistance to thermal fatigue
  • Thermally efficient tubes provide energy savings
  • Wall thickness 11 gauge to 3/8”
  • Stainless steel or nickel alloys selected for maximum results

Fabricated Wrought Tube Types Include:

  • ‘P’ Tubes
  • Straight tubes
  • W-tubes
  • U-tubes
  • Recuperator tube bundles
  • Bungs, mounting flanges and insulation

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