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When you’re looking for greater efficiencies in your thermal applications, you want to be sure you’re maximizing the use of waste heat from your exhaust gases. Alloy Engineering recuperator tubes improve process efficiency.  Our heat exchangers, which work well in several applications, including power generation, will make your furnaces run more efficiently for significant energy savings.

Recuperator Tube Bundle
Convection Recuperator

Recuperator Tube Bundle Features

  • Alloy Engineering fabricates tubes in any configuration and wall thickness and supports all furnace OEM tube designs. For your convenience, we can repair and or replace return bends, flanges, bungs and straight components onsite.
  • Thin walls, light weight
  • Tubes resist sagging and cracking
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Wall thickness: 1/8” –1/4”
  • Return bends assure uniform metal section, consistent heat transfer

Products include:

  • Tubular heat exchanges
  • Flue types
  • U-tube heat exchangers
  • U-joint replacement
  • Convection heat exchangers

Contact us to learn more about recuperator tube bundles at Alloy Engineering.

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