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When your needs call for custom steel alloy sheet and plate rolling and forming, look to the experts at Alloy Engineering. Since 1943, we have been rolling and forming steel sheet and plate, specializing in stainless and high nickel alloy.

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Rolled & Welded Cylinders Features

  • Press brake capacity is up to 1,000 tons/24’ bed/180” throat
  • Plate roll capacity is 10-ft. width in thicknesses from sheet gauges to 1” plate
  • Cylinder roundness tolerances to 1/16 inch
  • Expertise in custom fabrication of cone shapes as used for cyclones, jet ejectors, kettle reboilers, tank roofs & conical ends
  • Ends may be provided beveled & machined to specification
  • Seam welding is to ASME Section IX, with U-Part Stamps and documentation provided with your order upon request
  • Our state-of-the-art automated welding equipment lays down more weld in less time with 100% radiographic inspection acceptance
  • Forms and rolls pre-polished plate with in-house seam weld polishing, additional post-weld mechanical polishing with surface finishes smoother than 10Ra available
  • If your process cannot permit GTAW welding or high-density Inclusions, we can provide your roll-ups to specification in one of our segregated areas or in our clean room facility

Contact us to learn more about rolled and welded cylinders at Alloy Engineering.

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