Bell (Batch) Annealing Furnace Design Process

Batch Annealing Furnace Process Batch Annealing Furnace Process Batch Annealing Furnace Process Batch Annealing Furnace Process

Are you looking for ways to improve the annealing cycle for your bell annealing furnace?  For more than 30 years, Alloy Engineering has been providing engineered replacement equipment that greatly extends the life expectancy of furnaces for the ferrous and non-ferrous industries. Our High-Flow™ and Hydro-Seal™ systems have a proven record of success in scores of installations.

Coil Annealing System

The High-Flow™ System provides all the benefits of continuous annealing without a major investment or the loss of operating flexibility inherent in continuous annealing; our system is designed to optimize the combined benefits of the individual components in batch annealing furnaces.  At the heart of the system is the charge support and diffuser base coupled with a unique fan designed to ensure the flow angle of the exiting inert gas works together with the diffuser as a unit to minimize pressure losses for improved flow.  High-Flow™ System features include:

  • Innovative tip cage built into the charge support allows the movement of this component independent of the main charge support, thereby reducing the inward growth and subsequent interference with the fan blade

  • Limiting the fan to operational temperatures over 200° F, the fan can then be designed to produce greater flow rates while not overloading the base frame motor. Alloy Engineering fans have been shown to more than double the flow rate of original squirrel cage base fans

  • Charge plates allow for gas flow under the lower coil where the typical cold spot of the charge occurs 

  • Use of a spun orifice plate built into the charge plate provides additional benefits related to fan performance

  • Tangential aerodynamic designed convector plates maintain the swirling motion of the gas in the core of the system

  • The top radiation shield, which helps protect the top coil from overheating, is also used to balance the flow in the system, thereby providing the much desired uniform annealing of the coils

  • Inner cover is employed to maintain atmospheric integrity of the bell annealing system—Alloy Engineering builds both straight wall and corrugated covers

  • Alloy Engineering’s patented transition cones help deter the formation of cracks commonly found in the temperature transition area near the base of a cover.

  • Our Hydro-Seal™ System has been designed as a drop-in unit to replace older cover sealing systems to provide a low-cost upgrade for existing furnaces

Realizing the cooling time necessary to bring a charge to “break-out temperature,” Alloy Engineering designs and builds coolers that use mill air as the media, thereby eliminating the inconveniences of typical water cooling methods.  Our coolers have proven to reduce cooling times up to 20%.

Furnace Base Rebuilding

Rebuilding a furnace base can be a costly and time consuming operation.  Small cracking developed in the furnace tub can cause atmosphere leaks that ruin a charge, thereby requiring immediate repairs.  Finding and sealing the cracks can be difficult and is often not a foolproof correction.  Alloy Engineering’s stool plate will permanently solve this problem by providing a product that is placed directly over the structurally sound cracked base to provide the necessary atmosphere seal and load support necessary.  To reduce downtime even further, the stool plate can be supplied with a cured refractory fill.

Wire Mills

Some of the same innovative components can be supplied to wire mills and supplemented with special equipment unique to their operation.  A plenum chamber is often used to control the heat transfer and gas flow in a batch wire annealing furnace.  Alloy Engineering offers several designs depending on the size of the furnace and weight of the charge. Wire stems, often called “spiders,” come in a variety of styles and sizes; however, our unique design offers the advantage of free-floating stainless steel staves that are in contact with the wire.

Related Products

AE can also meet many of your other diffuser base needs.

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  • Recuperator Components

To learn more about batch annealing equipment and other products from Alloy Engineering, simply fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch.  Or, you may call us at 440-243-6800.

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