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Cost-Effective Pickling Equipment Begins with Accurate Material Selection

Pickling, or the chemical removal of oxide scale by the action of aqueous solutions of inorganic acids, is one of the most economical methods for cleaning metal. While design and fabrication of the equipment used is similar, material selection is the key to cost-effective operations.

Two acids are commonly used by the ferrous industry to clean their products:  hydrochloric acid (HCL) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4). The corrosive effects of these two acids on materials used for pickling equipment are considerably different.

Sulfuric acid, commonly used in concentrations up to 20% and temperatures to 180⁰F, will attack most alloys used for pickling equipment, over time dissolving them and uniformly thinning the cross-section, all compromising the structural integrity of the equipment.

The chloride ions present in Hydrochloric Acid operating at temperatures up to 125⁰F and concentrations up to 10% HCL will cause chemical pitting or cavities in most alloys. This also distresses the structural integrity of the equipment.

When your needs call for the removal of surface impurities from your ferrous materials, you should be able to count on the most efficient and economical hook for handling your rod and wire.  For over 45 years, the world’s leading wire manufacturers have relied on Alloy Engineering pickling hooks. Our engineers use the latest technology in design, material selection and fabrication techniques to build durable hooks. 

Engineering Advantage

Our engineers use proprietary software to custom design each hook according to your specific service conditions, including temperatures and operating conditions particular to your line. This exclusive software is based upon standard engineering principals, experience and is verified using finite element analysis.

Material Selection Expertise

Operational Controls in the pickling operation are essential if the equipment being used is to provide cost-effective life. While design and fabrication quality are essential, material is the key to cost-effectiveness.

This all begins with the proper material selection. Alloy Engineering is experienced with material engineering; we assist our customers with the selection of optimum materials.

Features of Alloy Engineering Hooks:

  • Dramatically reduces downtime, lost production and maintenance cost due to the need for frequent and unscheduled replacement of hooks built from inferior material or fabricated using inferior techniques.

  • No charge for periodic inspections and rerating of load capacity

  • Deep expertise for the selection of optimum materials

  • Proprietary software to custom design each hook based on your required service conditions

  • Repair capabilities

Related Products

Alloy Engineering can also meet many of your other pickling house requirements for corrosive- resistant items. We produce many products used in chemical scale removal including:

  • Pickling hooks

  • Strip lifter bars

  • Plate pickling racks

  • Pickling drums

  • Pickling baskets

  • Acid heating coils

  • Tank guards

  • Tanks

To learn more about pickling hooks and our custom products from Alloy Engineering simply fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch. Or, you may call us at 440.243.6800.

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